Monday, April 02, 2007


A hybrid vehicle (HV) is a vehicle that uses two different power sources such as:
* An on-board rechargeable energy storage system (RESS) and a fueled power source for means of transportation force
* Human powered bicycle with sequence assist
* A sail boat with electric control
The term the commonly refers to petroleum electric hybrid vehicle, also called Hybrid-electric vehicle (HEV) which use internal burning engines and electric batteries to power electric motors.
The term hybrid when used in relative with cars also has other uses. Prior to its modern meaning of hybrid force, the word hybrid was used in the United States to mean a vehicle of mixed countrywide origin; generally, a European car fitted with American mechanical components. This significance has fallen out of use. In the import scene, hybrid was often used to describe an engine swap. Some have also referred to flexible-fuel vehicles as hybrids because they can use a combination of different fuels — naturally gasoline and ethanol alcohol fuel.

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