Sunday, December 30, 2007

Car Albums in 1978’s

The band's hits dominated the charts for over nine years; their most victorious albums were 1978's The Cars, which featured hit "Just What I Needed," and 1984's Heartbeat City, which included four Top 20 singles: "Magic," "Drive," "Hello Again," and "You Might Think," which also won the MTV Video of the Year Award . "Drive" gained fastidious notability when it was used in a video of the Ethiopian food shortage prepared by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and introduced by David Bowie at the 1985 Live Aid concert at Wembley Stadium.

After the consequential period of superstardom and another hit single, the Cars released their last album Door to Door in 1987, but it failed to approach the success of their previous albums. The Cars announced the group's disintegrate in February 1988. In the late 1990s, rumors circulated of a Cars reunion, but Orr's death of pancreatic cancer on October 3, 2000 position an end to them.

Starting in late 2004, The Cars punch song "Just What I Needed" was played in Circuit City

television ads.

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