Monday, March 09, 2009

Adaptive Server Enterprise

Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) is Sybase Corporation's flagship enterprise-class relational database management system product. ASE is predominantly used on the UNIX platform but is also available for Windows.

Originally created for UNIX platforms in 1987, Sybase Corporation's primary relational database management system product was initially marketed under the name Sybase SQL Server. In 1988, SQL Server for OS/2 was co-developed for the PC by Sybase, Microsoft, and Ashton-Tate. Ashton-Tate divested its interest and Microsoft became the lead partner after porting SQL Server to Windows NT.

Microsoft and Sybase sold and supported the product through version 4.21. In 1993 the co-development licensing agreement between Microsoft and Sybase ended and the companies parted ways while continuing to develop their respective versions of the software.

In 1995, Sybase released SQL Server 11.0. Starting with version 11.5, released in 1996, Sybase moved to differentiate its product from Microsoft SQL Server by renaming it to Adaptive Server Enterprise.

Sybase provides native low-level programming interfaces to its database server which uses a protocol called Tabular Data Stream. Prior to version 10, DBLIB (Data Base Library) was used. Version 10 and onwards uses, CTLIB (Client Library).

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