Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Native MySQL Storage Engines

The MySQL offers a number of within developed storage engines that are well-suited for data warehouses, with the mainly popular being the evasion MyISAM storage engine. The MyISAM engine delivers rapid data loading capabilities, fast study times, and much more for data warehousing users. Typical MyISAM support for data warehouse volumes range up to 1TB contentedly. MySQL offers other storage engines that can also be used for data warehousing as well. MySQL supports these key data warehousing features:

  • Data/Index partitioning (range, hash, key, list, composite) in MySQL 5.1 and above
  • No practical storage limits with automatic storage management
  • Built-in Replication
  • Strong indexing support (B-tree, fulltext, clustered, hash, GIS)
  • Multiple, configurable data/index caches
  • Pre-loading of data into caches
  • Unique query cache (caches result set + query; not just data)
  • Parallel data load
  • Multi-insert DML
  • Read-only tables
  • Cost-based optimizer
  • Wide platform support

Infobright offers a storage engine for the MySQL Server that is tailor-made for large scale, analytic-styled data warehousing. Infobright enables MySQL users to move up to data warehouses that support data volumes of 1-10TB or more with these key capabilities:

  • Column-oriented design
  • High data compression capabilities
  • Advanced optimizer with "Knowledge Grid"
  • High-speed loader

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